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Working alongside the King's Lynn Majestic Cinema to bring classic 80's and family films back for a limited Charity showing. 

Anybody growing up in King's Lynn or the surrounding area will be familiar with The Majestic.


The beautiful, historic building, open since Nineteen Twenty Eight and even in the advent of the modern day multiplex cinemas, The Majestic continues to play a huge part in both the movie going and evening entertainment of the local residents.

The Trustees were honoured to be able to show our first charity screening at The Majestic. To organise a number of events alongside a local stalwart has proven to be a highlight of running Reach For a Star and the Trustees would be the first to admit that hearing a full auditorium singing along to their favourite songs from the favourite films is often more than enough to make up for the hard work and effort put into the organisation and publicising of these screenings.

Reach For a Star hopes to continue the relationship with the team at The Majestic and hopes to bring more classic film screenings to the town in Two Thousand and Seventeen.

For more details follow our Facebook page or The Majestic Cinema at

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